The Look

Now if looks could kill I think a lot of us men would be no more.

I have learned over the years that most women I’ve known anyway do not like to get up in the morning. This is not true for this little gal. It’s balls to the wall when it comes to killing anything that’s huntable. I was along on her first turkey hunt and she took a young Tom named Jake. I kinda mack dad-died one of my Standard Mounts for her with little extra goodies on it. Well, let’s get back to the real story.

I had done my scouting for the spring and I had told my friend that I could take Shannon out again turkey hunting. I’ll tell you that getting up to kill something is not hard for this gal.

We were sitting together as the sun started to peek at us. I gave out a couple of those sweet hen calls and yes sir old Tommy boy was talking trash to us. One of the small problems was that he was probably close to a half-mile away and on the other side of the road. But we were patient and with a couple of more calls, he seemed to be coming closer. Oh boy, Full Mount or Half Mount? I told Shannon that I was going to move back about 50 yards so Tommy Boy would keep coming thru to me hoping that she would get a good shot on him. Well, here he comes, I was sitting up a little higher than Shannon so I could see him coming all the way across the road. Then the closer Tom got to her than I could not see him for some trees and a little ridge in the way.

This came down to the final moments and what a sweet deal about to happen. I was just going crazy inside. There he is about 25 yds away from her and BANG. I’m thinking cool, She’s thinking what the…. Then she turned around and there it was, THE LOOK at me like what the hell just happened. She should have smoked that bird. Ok, the bird is not down and you still have two shells in the gun. We should have, meaning Shannon been pulling the trigger again. After I shoot I am on my feet going to that bird. You never know if you got to squeeze another round off. They are a tough bird and it seems like they want to live.

The final deal was she wanted to use her favorite 20 gauge and never changed the modified to a turkey choke. A foolish mistake but an easy one to forget. Happy hunting and good luck.


P.S. There is still a Full Turkey Fan Display for her when she bags her next Tom.

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