Know your gun and site it in. Grandpa needs to believe. You’ll have to earn your mount.

Here is a good one.

Grandpa wants me to take his eldest grandson turkey hunting. He’s always wanted a turkey fan mount to display one of his own birds. I say no problem. Let’s take him over to the club and see how the turkey target crumbles.

Well turns out that Jake shoots twice and hits the turkey target high and to the left. Grandpa being who he is saying let me shoot at that target. Well, he too was high and to the left. Yup couldn’t believe that tho. Had to shoot it again and yup high and to the left. We had some work to do to correct that but we got it done.

Well, turkey hunting season came and the birds were fun. Jake and I were in the ground blind and Mr. Tom and his lady were out about 250 yards. That bad boy turkey was strutting all the way into 40 yards. Well, then it was hold up time because I had a hen and a jake decoy out and Tom didn’t want to come any closer. I told Jake that we had four eyes on us now so be careful. Well just then the white hen came out on the opening about 18 feet from us and I whispered six eyes now. The two hens came in finally and then TOM couldn’t take it anymore. At about 30 yards the bad boy was history. I said to Jake after a couple of minutes. ( it seemed like) Do you think we should go look at him? Ya with a smile from ear to ear. We took a lot of pictures and relived the moments prior to the kill. I hope that Jake had as much fun as I did.

Well little did we know the Grandpa heard the shot and was waiting for about 45 minutes or so for us to come out and was wondering what was up with that. Gramps was surprised that I would take the time to take a lot of pics. It’s just nice to have and I would bet that every time he looks through the album and at the turkey fan mount on the wall there will be a big smile on that face.

Jake got a standard mount but I suspect him to be ordering his first half mount or maybe he said he’d like to get a full mount this coming season.

The youth are so much fun to take to the wilderness so let’s try to take them there. If you know someone that would like to go and can’t, let me know and I will see what I can do.

Randy RAW

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