Dougy and RAW Awesome hunt Buddy

Here we go it’s Dougy and RAW out in the wood the first morning. Well somebody should have checked the sunrise chart. Ok, we were a little later than we should have been.

We finally got settled in and sure enough, the Tom’s were not gobbling much but did respond to the calling. Then wow here he comes, it seemed that it was going to be a short hunt. Well, the Tom held up at about 80 yards and wasn’t coming any closer. The State Turkey Fan Mount was to be empty after morning one.

Morning two was better, got out real early and was hanging tight at my special corner. I had told Dougy that we wouldn’t call very much. It was still very dark and a tom does this gargle gobble on the ridge about 80 yards away. That’s all we heard from him but at sunup, the two behind us were just hammering away.

I made a little call and then they hammered all the way (far away). Silence for some time and then 3 deer to the left. I looked at Dougy and said, deer on the field (the wind was good) may be followed by Tom. No Tom followed but when the deer got to the edge of the field out pops the gargle, Tom. Yup 100 yards and confident. A cocky Tom you might say. He went straight out and out of sight so we move to the top of the hill so we could see him. He went out about 250 yards and gobbled once and started back the same way he went out.

I mentioned to Dougy to not get too comfortable(he was) because we may have to move out quickly. I made a couple of calls and he seemed to ignore it. Tom went out of sight for a bit so we were on the move to where he entered the field. Just about there I tried to look out to see where Tom was and couldn’t see him. At this time Dougy was too far ahead of me for contact. I turned around and went back to the hill to see.

No Tom anywhere, did we spook him? NO, here he comes back from way over where we were sitting the day before. Tom is heading directly for me, where’s Dougy when you need him? Did he make it down by the open field? Is he watching his Tom heading straight for me? Dougy has my trusty Super 90, his choke was stuck real bad in his gun. What is he waiting for SHOOT! Do I take the chance and yell SHOOT? 47 yards Dougy shoot. All of a sudden I hear a click, then a shell injection to the chamber. NOW, WHAT!!! The bird is looking at me. Why? Tom take a few more steps, I’m going crazy here, Dougy shoot! Then finally the bang and Tommy boy drops like a rock. Yahoo! I still ran out there because I no how Tom’s can be. Tom was down for the count. Congratulation DOUGY.

Dougy is getting a Minnesota State plaque.

I’m proud to be able to make it for him.

Randy RAW

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