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Are you looking for a wild
turkey fan mounting kit?

 All the custom plaques we sell are designed to proudly display your turkey tail feathers, wings, beard, or spurs from the state in which you hunted your turkey. You’ll never forget where you shot that bird again. We have a few different styles of turkey fan mounting kits for sale. Each is unique and displays your trophy kill in different ways. Click here to visit our new gallery  to see pictures of various plaques we’ve created in past years.  Flat Rate shipping to the United States is now just $9!

Turkey Fan and Beard Mount On Bottom

Turkey Fan, Beard, Feet (with beard-backdrop), and Wings

Featured Mounting kits
for turkey fans and beards for sale

Check out some of my hottest selling mounting plaques. All of our products are on sale and are ready to ship to your door.  If you have any questions about our turkey fan mounting kits, feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.

did you know you can customize your turkey fan mount any way you'd like it!

Some great custom turkey fan mount ideas would be you could add your shell casings, or even the date when you shot your bird. You could add both if you’d like. You can get all our wild turkey tail mounting kits with or without the turkey laser on the front of the plaque. We can laser engrave any text you’d like on the front. 


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